Village V Apartments

Project Basics:

  • Location: Livingston, Big Timber, Hysham and Forsyth, Montana
  • Number of units: 96 (72 elderly, 24 family)
  • Year completed: 1995
  • Cost of construction: $1,608,829
  • Total development cost: $3,505,065
  • Projects sold in 2013

Major challenges:

  • Five complexes spread over 200 miles
  • Significant water damage from leaking roofs, ceilings collapsed from damage
  • Debt on three projects exceeded appraised value


  • Installed new roof trusses, sheathing and steel roofs in several damaged buildings
  • Made sites fully accessible to the disabled
  • Replaced vinyl flooring, carpet, siding and countertops
  • Improved energy efficiency by insulating attics and replacing all windows
  • Repaired or replaced sagging and cracked sheetrock
  • Repaired or replaced sagging entry stoops
  • Installed new playgrounds at family projects