Glenns Landing Apartments

Project Basics:

  • Location: Glenns Ferry, Idaho
  • Number of units: 16
  • Year completed: 2001
  • Cost of construction: $337,796
  • Total development cost: $761,018

Major challenges:

  • Small and heavily sloped site
  • No accessibility for the disabled
  • Significant deferred maintenance


  • Massive excavation for site and unit accessibility
  • Made one two-bedroom unit fully accessible
  • Added third bedrooms on two units
  • Installed new playground
  • Added weatherstripping, caulking, new vinyl insulated windows and new evaporative coolers for energy efficiency
  • Replaced damaged sub-floor, flooring, drywall and doors
  • Replaced roof, siding, carpet, vinyl, countertops, paint and appliances
  • Replaced landscaping with jack pines, red maples, flowering plums, planter beds and plenty of grass to play on